Through state-of-the-art leadership development programs


We believe that in the era of the most accelerated change in history, the most challenging transformation is the human one. Now more than ever, there is a demand for exemplary leaders with a clear vision, optimism, and exceptional communication skills who will bring people together.

As the world becomes automated, soft skills are critical for companies to remain competitive and for people to be emotionally fit. Emotional Fitness promotes wellbeing, creativity, optimism, engagement, and high performance.

At DOOIT, we work with companies convinced that to build the future, they need to invest in the continuous development of their employees.  At DOOIT,  we accompany their growth with world-class leadership development programs which are 100% results-oriented.



Simply put, we help talented professionals become outstanding leaders, through state-of-the-art leadership development programs focused on excellent communications and influence skills.

Development turns bosses into leaders. Now more than ever, there is a demand for exemplary leaders with a clear vision, optimism, and exceptional communication skills who will bring people together.

Every year we train hundreds of leaders - from Fortune 500s to promising startups - on influential leadership, exceptional communication skills, emotional intelligence, social intelligence and inclusion, public speaking and presentation skills.

Additionally, we offer a year-round motivational program to promote emotional well-being, create a stress-free culture of excellence, and retain talent.

We work with companies that think big.


Upskilling & Reskilling with applied AI techniques to accelerate skill acquisition

Exponential growth

In traditional companies (banks, consumer companies, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.), employees don’t incentivize to think big, change the game rules, or grow exponentially. Instead, they are rewarded (bonuses) for meeting targets, usually aligned with traditional growth percentages. That is why we teach them to think big, to dare to multiply x2 or x3 the growth of a consolidated company.

Marketing and Digital Sales

71.2% of sales are still face-to-face, which means your teams aren’t trained and ready to engage prospects and close online sales.

However, 78% of agents using social media far outperform their peers.

Additionally, 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of senior managers use social media to make purchasing decisions.

At DOOIT, we train the sales force to prospect customers online, develop relationships and trust, and close sales. We also offer to coach your sales teams.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

One of the most critical challenges of digital transformation is the creation of collaborative environments, where emotional and social intelligence is a crucial skill. These skills help manage complex situations effectively, make employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions, maintain optimism and a positive attitude, gain people’s trust and loyalty (which increases performance), manage stress and pressure at work more effectively.

Curiosity and Creativity

Knowledge shortens the time to market an initiative. Today, knowledge is accessible to everyone and from anywhere on the planet. It only takes restlessness and curiosity to find it and creativity to apply it.

Restlessness and curiosity are two skills that one can develop. Therefore, we encourage employees to discover and use them and our customers to create practices that motivate them.

Self-motivation and Self-management

The trend towards remote and flexible work makes self-motivation, organization, work discipline, and self-management essential skills for the success of the professional and the company. In turn, due to information overload, new generations need constant motivation to maintain attention and focus.

Communication, Presentations, and Storytelling

Unfortunately, traditional companies continue to report without communicating. So when we see your brochures, presentations, or web pages, we want to shake them and say… “the world changed… wake up”.

People are more bombarded than ever with messages. Therefore, excellence in communication today is mandatory in any company that aspires to be a leader.

The proof? Look at the world’s largest and most admired companies, and you’ll see how they ALL excel at communication. So what are you waiting for to teach your employees to communicate like people, not like corporate robots?

Empathic Communication for Leaders

Empathy and communication are two critical skills for leaders who need to transform or reinvent their companies.

Our Empathetic Communication program includes emotional intelligence strategies, storytelling, narrative structures, and the development of big ideas that transform (such as “connect the dots” by Steve Jobs).

Adaptability, Mental Flexibility, and Reinvention

The biggest challenge of digital transformation is that employees can adapt to changes quickly, have the mental flexibility to -sometimes- create those changes, and, above all, a lot of knowledge to reinvent themselves since their jobs will change several times in the next decade.

Digital Communication and Online Relationship Development

Digital communication changed radically after the digital revolution. Communication that appeals to emotions is seven times more effective in increasing sales. At DOOIT, we form marketing and communication teams to replace logical and sterile communication with an emotionally magical one that attracts customers and employees, turning them into fans.

Service Orientation

Although today it seems obvious to talk about service orientation, many traditional companies are having a hard time getting their employees to understand the concept of putting the customer at the center. Therefore, companies have to educate their employees to solve problems quickly, effectively, and humanely.


The ability to negotiate has always been a great value in people. Although the game rules remain the same, the means of negotiation have changed, giving way to video conferences, emails, etc. They have advantages and challenges.

Strengths Development

When a person increases their self-confidence, they are 12.5% ​​more productive (Clifton Strengths Finder). Therefore, one of the most effective ways to help employees improve their self-confidence is by offering specific training to enhance their strengths.

Leadership 3.0

Every day more teams are made up of people who work remotely. Supposes a new style of virtual leadership that requires particular skills such as a deep understanding of transculturality and trans-generational leadership, self-motivation of the leader, the virtual motivation of its members, self-discipline, remote project management, adaptation, and flexibility, virtual communication, among others. In addition, today’s and the future teams make up a few people in fixed positions, supported by colleagues in other countries, external consultants, and contractors for specific projects.

Remember: there are no leaders without followers—the way of leading change.


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