Communication, Education and Leadership in Healthcare

Amplifying the Voices of Healthcare’s Best in the World

DOOIT’s Health - In Essence

It’s more than healthcare; It’s a health game- changer”

DOOITs emphasis on communication, education, and influence underscores a holistic approach to healthcare, recognizing that informed patients and empowered professionals are key to advancing health outcomes and improving the healthcare system.

This strategic focus not only sets DOOIT apart but also aligns it with the future of healthcare, where trust, communication and knowledge play critical roles in choosing care and treatment pathways.

The services DOOIT offers drive positive changes in healthcare practices, patient engagement, and the overall healthcare experience.

DOOIT’s Healthcare Programs

Healthy Tuesdays​

Where patients find clarity in the wisdom of the worlds best doctors. Its not just medical information; its trustworthy, reliable medical information in plain language, every week.

Best Options

Navigate the complex world of healthcare with Best Options, your reliable guide to the best medical advice from the world&s top doctors. Its more than advice; its a pathway to peace of mind and the right decisions. Calling for Best Hospitals Specialized in Oncology in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.



Transform your talks into powerful pitches.

Elevate redefines the trajectory for female doctors and pharmacists, turning potential into leadership. Join us to break barriers and shape the future of healthcare with confidence and skill.

Our Three Pillars


Through Healthy Tuesdays and Best Options, DOOIT is establishing direct lines of communication between patients and the worlds leading healthcare professionals. This open dialogue is crucial for demystifying medical information and making it accessible and understandable to the general public.

For female doctors, clinicians and pharmacists who represent 67% of the global workforce in Healthcare, Elevate provides a platform to enhance their communication skills, both within their professional communities and with their patients, further strengthening


Each of DOOITs services contributes to the broader
goal of education within healthcare. Healthy Tuesdays educates
patients by providing reliable, trustworthy medical advice. Elevate focuses on the professional development of female healthcare professionals, enriching their knowledge and leadership skills.

Best Options educates patients by helping them make informed
decisions about their healthcare options based on consultations
with top doctors.


DOOITs mission is clear: empower the worlds top doctors and hospitals to amplify their influence. Through sharpening their communication skills and expanding their educational reach, we position these healthcare leaders to drive significant improvements in health outcomes, professional empowerment, and patient engagement.

Our partnership elevates their profiles, and empowers patients
around the world, who are actively seeking information to make
the best healthcare decisions for their lives.

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