Empower your Sales Teams with Pitching and Persuasion Skills to drive more sales

Unlock Your Teams Peak Performance with Yes!

Yes! is DOOITs transformative program designed to revolutionize your organizations executives and talents communication, leadership, and presentation skills.

Yes! is a strategic investment in unlocking your teams potential, inspiring confidence, and encouraging a culture where your stakeholders eagerly say Yes! to your ideas, leadership, and

You can build a bridge or a wall.


equips executives to build bridges with stakeholders.

What’s Yes! About?

Yes! is an innovative program meticulously created with the mission to transform our clients into compelling figures whom others are naturally inclined to agree with and support.

At its core, Yes! seeks to equip participants with the mastery of emotional intelligence, the finesse of delivering captivating presentations, the strategic acumen for win-win-win negotiations, and a special focus on elevating women into prominent leadership roles.

Through a curriculum that blends the principles of emotional intelligence with practical techniques for persuasive communication, Yes! prepares individuals to excel in leadership, communication, negotiation, and relationship-building. This program not only aims to enhance professional success but also to foster personal growth and confidence, making our clients not just leaders but influencers who inspire a positive response and genuine support from those around them.

Yes! is a transformation into becoming someone others want to say Yes! to in every sphere of life.

Dra. Sandra Moreno Martín

Oncóloga, cantautora y Hortelana

Dra. Blanca Lizaola-Mayo

Directora de Trasplante de Hígado

Dra. Sandra Moreno Martín

Oncóloga, cantautora y Hortelana

Dra. Sandra Moreno Martín

Oncóloga, cantautora y Hortelana

Transform Your Top Talent’s Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence Mastery

Transformative Communication


Anticipated Outcomes

Setting New Standards in Executive Excellence

Elevated Negotiation Skills for Breakthrough Results

Strengthened Stakeholder Relationships Through Strategic Communication

Advanced Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Distinction

Be the Vanguard of Executive Training Excellence

4-Step Blended Methodology for Delivering the Yes! Program

Pre-Program Preparation (On-Demand)

Participants begin with on-demand content, setting the foundational knowledge on sophisticated communication techniques. This includes pre-recorded lectures and readings available online, allowing participants to engage with material at their own pace.


In-Person Intensives

The program includes a series of in- person training sessions designed to deepen the learning
experience. These intensives focus on practical exercises, role-plays, and personalized coaching, allowing participants to refine their communication skills in a supportive environment.


Interactive Online Workshops

Following the on-demand phase, participants join in interactive, live online workshops. These sessions, led by expert facilitators, focus on applying communication theories in real-world scenarios, enhancing learning through group discussions and feedback.


Post-Program Engagement and Support

To reinforce learning and ensure application of skills in the workplace, the program concludes with ongoing support. This includes access to a community of peers for networking, follow-up online sessions for continued learning, and resources for self-guided improvement


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